SXSW Interactive Panel Selection

February 14, 2008 posted in SXSW, Web Technology

I’m getting really excited with SXSW only a month away. I met a lot of great people last year and look forward to doing the same again this time around.

It’s always a ton of fun to get a bunch of geeks, designers and Type-As together to collaborate. I haven’t selected any sessions yet, but these look like keepers:

  • 10 Things We’ve Learned at 37signals
  • Accessible Rich Media
  • Creating Findable Rich Media Content
  • What Teens Want Online & On Their Phones
  • GTD for Startups: Getting Things Done in the Real World
  • Specialization vs. Doing it All
  • Working Over the Web: Managing Distributed Staffs
  • Mobile 2.0: Why the Third Screen is Taking Center Stage

Some of my favorite moments from last year’s interactive conference include Brian Fling’s Everything you Always Wanted to Know About the Mobile Web and Worldchanging 2.0 with Alex Nikolai Steffen.

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