Creating Brand Fans

June 1, 2007 posted in Web Strategy

Anastasia over at YPulse has a great article about squids. OK, really it’s about creating “brand fans”, but she uses the term to describe a web marketing strategy that should be a staple tool for all organizations. The rules are simple: rather than focusing all of your efforts on internal website development, seed your content throughout the web. That means publishing content outside of your domain on sites like Flickr, YouTube, Twittr,, et al. Be ubiquitous and raise brand awareness.

It’s been easy for individuals and small organizations to embrace social networking. Larger organizations have policies, lawyers, etc. and aren’t as nimble. The most valuable lesson to learn is that creating low-risk, sanitary environments is a lost cause. Yeah, we’re looking at you Wal-Mart. Sprite, your days are numbered. The lesson is simple: build it and they won’t come. Instead, go to where your audience is.

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