Peace Corps Kenyan Sign Language Website

July 3, 2007 posted in Samples

The Kenyan Sign Language Minisite was developed to showcase one of the innovative projects Peace Corps volunteers are developing around the world. In Kenya, volunteers working with hearing impaired youth needed a way to help their communities learn sign language. To maximize their efforts—and to make the process more enjoyable—volunteers developed CD-ROMs with games and activities that helped deaf children and their families learn Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). In addition to featuring the original sign language games developed by the volunteers, the KSL website provides an overview of the project and introduces users to the volunteers.

In 2006 the site was named one of Adobe’s Best of 2006 Site of the Day.

Work Performed: information architecture, user flows, wireframes, art direction

View the Kenyan Sign Language Website

KSL Home Page

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