Yahoo UI Library

November 17, 2008 posted in Web Technology

Yahoo’s Design Pattern Library has become my go-to source for UI solutions. The site presents common problems within a specific context and suggests optimal solutions with a pattern. They also provide much of the scripting to run each pattern with the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library, which is a set of JavaScript utilities and controls […]

Copy and Paste Special Characters from the Web

October 30, 2008 posted in Web Technology

Thanks to, I’ll never again need to look up the keyboard shortcuts for ©, ™, or ®.

Google Signs up for OpenID

October 30, 2008 posted in Web Technology

It’s nice to see that Google is now throwing its weight behind OpenID, a free and open standard that allows web users to log on to different web sites using a single digital identity and eliminates the need for a different user name and password for each site. Google joins the ranks of AOL, Microsoft, […]

Google Now Indexing Flash

July 16, 2008 posted in Web Technology

Dear Adobe: I’m sorry I said those nasty things about search engines not loving Flash. It looks like you and Google are getting along. Now textual content—menus, buttons, banners, and website copy—are freely searchable, and I’m happy for you. I hope some day soon Google will work out those remaining issues with indexing external resources […]

Managing Sprite Graphics

April 14, 2008 posted in Web Technology

If you deal with a website that has any sizable amount of content, you understand that asset management can quickly get out of hand. I’m guilty of this, and I’m here to come clean: I have a junk drawer, and it’s name is the “images” folder. A quick look at my “images” folder reveals multiple […]

Making Flash Accessible and SEO Friendly

March 24, 2008 posted in Accessibility, Tutorials, Web Technology

Flash has always been a great vehicle for delivering multimedia content on the web. I’m always wowed by its unlimited bounds, but I’m simultaneously disappointed by its poor handling of SEO and accessibility. While the rest of the web has evolved into a rich and standards-based medium, Flash and its developers have concentrated on beefing […]

SXSW Interactive: Morning Group Runs

March 3, 2008 posted in Web Technology

For most of the SXSW Interactive Conference, you’ll be sitting at the convention center or stuffing your face with appetizers and drinks at an evening event. Refresh your body and and join fellow SXSW Interactive participants for a leisurely morning run through Austin. We’ll meet at the entrance to Brush Park (across from the North […]

SXSW Interactive Panel Selection

February 14, 2008 posted in SXSW, Web Technology

I’m getting really excited with SXSW only a month away. I met a lot of great people last year and look forward to doing the same again this time around. It’s always a ton of fun to get a bunch of geeks, designers and Type-As together to collaborate. I haven’t selected any sessions yet, but […]

Show Your Bones: XRAY Your Website

August 3, 2007 posted in Web Technology

I just got my hands on what is quickly becoming my favorite web tool. XRAY is like a lightweight Web Developer toolbar that provides front-end coders with a quick debugging tool. No download is necessary; XRAY is executable via a bookmarklet that launches a floating tool panel over your web page. Selecting any element on […]

Five Reasons to Love Safari 3

June 11, 2007 posted in Web Technology

Today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs announced the release of Safari 3. It’s a great update to the browser, which was last released in 2005. I’m still committed to Firefox, but I’ll give Safari an occasional spin. When it has the same plugin capability as Firefox I will gladly reconsider. If you are […]